“You just want a caesarean, don’t you?”

The words hung in the air, as chaos swirled around us in the hospital room; the proverbial “escalation of people” was underway, after (yet more) decelerations in the baby’s heartbeat. The doctor in charge, summoned to sign off on the two midwives’ recommendation that we get the baby out ASAP, appeared to be the only one in the room not moving at haste.

48 hours of monitoring, a failed induction and an emergency caesarean later, Ted joined us. Tumultuous and challenging, I’ve never been more grateful for staunch healthcare advocates, like my midwife…

Last Friday, I taught a workshop in the Rehua building at the University of Canterbury; known in a previous life as the Commerce Building. Standing in the atrium, I thought about the time, nearly ten years ago, that at 12.51 there was a sheer stampede to get out from underneath the glass roof, as the ground shook.

Image of the Rehua Foyer (as it is now). Same (but different) glass roof. Photo by Simon Devitt, via UC

I was wearing a summer dress, despite the weather being unseasonably chilly. My recycled green leather jacket (a treasure), was left behind in the chaos — and my slip-on shoes came off as everyone tried to exit in a hurry.

Making our way…

We’ve put together some general thoughts on what the current situation means for all of us, from a comms & marketing perspective. The below are our musings from our team meeting today; which I conducted from our garage (photo below), given that I’m in [voluntary] self isolation.

1. The obvious: Less IRL, More Online

As a company that has spent two years learning how to be “remote first”, rather than just “periodically remote friendly”, this line made us laugh a lot:

It’s something that — even after working relentlessly on curating our culture, systems and processes — we still grapple with.

However, self-isolation and the accompanied working…

In early December, we brought two incredibly clever creatives from New York City to Christchurch, with the intention of creating some content. On the face of it, most people asked us, “but why?”

Let’s go back a step.

In March 2019, I officially joined the Edmund Hillary Fellowship, as a Fellow in Kohia [Cohort 4]. We spent eight days in Aroha Valley (Upper Hutt).

Our EHF whānau, Kohia cohort [ Photo by Andi Crown ] x

EHF is an incredible world first: looking to connect people driven by impact, from around the world. As a New Zealander, I’d always wondered why you’d apply — however, what’s become obvious to me over the…

TL:DR: Erin gets reflective on the 22nd February every year. Go and make a coffee if lessons from natural disasters aren’t your thing.

One of my favourite quotes (that became a life motto) is “don’t ask children what they want to be when they grow up; rather, ask them what problems they want to solve.” This has become my (and Narrative’s) ‘go to’ when we step back and consider the myriad of projects that we’re working on. The thing in common? They’re all chipping away at a problem that we’re passionate about fixing / solving / eradicating.

21 year old…

Better By Design’s CEO Summit is a two-day conference held in the luscious Auckland surrounds of Villa Maria; blending corporate gig with entrepreneurial hustle, and a whole lot of incredible attendees.

A good friend of mine runs a company which has sponsored the Summit for a couple of years — and he has, on occasion, mentioned how epic the sessions were. After watching a couple of the talks online (if you take NOTHING else away from this article, go and look up some of the previous content: it’s awesome), I said “f*ck, I’d love to go to that”. …

After launching our Crowdfunding Coaching offer this week (come and play with us if you’re planning a campaign!), I had a few awesome questions about what campaigns we’re loving right now — and who we thought were doing a really good job.

So, on the off chance you’ve got some spare change this weekend, here are some of our favourite campaigns that we’d reach into our pockets for.

The Blackest Black Paint in the World

On Kickstarter now: funded in 38 hours, now having raised NZ$ 432,170 (10x its original target) by 5,091 backers with 35days to go.

What it’s for:

“Black 3.0 is a super special acrylic paint. We…

I’ve got a to-do list a mile long, a sick toddler who has alternated between limpeting to me all day and throwing anything in sight and four loads of washing that won’t fold itself (and that’s without even mentioning the emails I owe replies to… #sorry).

Today was a really tough mum / business owner day.

But, I’ve finished the day in happy tears, contrary to every expectation — and I thought that I’d just explain why.

Today, a little startup named adaptdefy launched their Kickstarter campaign [full disclosure: we’ve assisted from the sidelines, asking questions, providing encouragement / prompts…

Ahh, modern communications are tricky, aren’t they?

As more and more of us are besieged by the ability to run our own media empires from the sanctity of our smartphones, it can be so difficult to know what’s appropriate and what isn’t.

Except, it shouldn’t be.

Describing your staff as a ‘harem’, sharing your competitor’s latest announcement and sharing news from a highly dubious and controversial conspiracy site are all examples of judgement gone awry.

British Airways promotes trips to London…

The problem is, whether you’re a senior MP, high-ranking executive or newbie freelancer, gaffes of this nature and severity should be easily spotted and avoided.

On the 24th August, we launched a little venture that we hoped would bring about a positive impact on our city: The Christchurch Food Chase.

The Food Chase is Canterbury’s answer to a local dish competition: 27 establishments have created to-die for dishes and, in many cases, paired them with a beverage. Having made it our mission to taste as many as possible over the past week, we can confirm, our city is delivering the goods.

The Craft Embassy’s Dish — Venison Short Loin: with parsnip puree, beetroot fondant, baby carrots, blueberries and port wine jus / Beverage pair: Georges Road “Block One” Syrah 2016 from Waipara

I’ve had a number of people ask about the concept — from the flattering comparison to Wellington On A Plate, to the question of…

Erin Victoria

Boss Lady of @thenarrativeco | @EHFNewZealand Fellow | Māmā to Ted | Director & Board Member | Passionate about community, equality & access, at all levels.

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